Philips and DJ star Armin van Buuren have paired together for a pair of A5-Pro professional DJ headphones, designed to meet the needs of a globe-trotting DJ.

Van Buuren and Philips collaborated on the headphones to combine an aluminum close-back fit with audio accuracy and clarity. The A5-Pro headphones aren't designed for your son or daughter's iPod, instead for professional monitoring and mixing.

The Philips A5-PRO headphones feature 50mm high-definition neodymium drivers engineered for 3500mW high power handling. Philips also brags there are dual-sided locking cable units, replaceable soft isolating ear-cushions, 90 degree swivel ear shells, a genuine leather headband, detachable coil cable, and compact folding design.

“After my passport the first thing I take on the road with me is my headphones”, van Buuren said. “Through my headphones I control everything. It needs to be a good piece of equipment because you’re using it the whole night of your DJ set. Philips believed in my idea for the A5-Pro and I believed in the idea Philips had."

Philips hasn't revealed pricing or availability information for the A5-Pro headphones.

We'll be checking these out to see if the endorsement lives up to the hype.