Philips, fresh from introducing an updated version of its O'Neill Stretch headphones, has also used its 2011 launch event in Barcelona to announce the arrival of a new range of “FloatingCushions” cans, which are designed with comfort in mind.

This soft on-ear headphone range takes into account the fact that no one headphone model will fit perfectly across the population. Mrs Pocket-lint, for example, has ears like a tiny mouse, whereas Pocket-lint's lugs are more in-line with those of an Indian Elephant.

Therefore, the FloatingCushions range has been created to auto-adjust to an individual's specific ear shape, with the pressure evenly distributed. The result is “a better fit” (angled to your shape), complete with memory-foam that seals around your ears so none of the sound quality is lost.

The range is also lightweight due to the aluminium on board and some of the range can even be flat-folded for easy transportation.

In total there are six models, including the Bluetooth packing SHB9100, the over-the-ear fitting SHP8000 and the compact, foldable SHL9300 - which Pocket-lint got its mucky hands on.

There are no price details for the UK as of yet, but we'll keep you posted.