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(Pocket-lint) - You've likely got a favourite pair of headphones that you adore.

They're great sounding, they're comfortable and you love using them for listening to music, watching films or just unwinding.

You might also be a PC gamer and perhaps you're not a massive fan of the various gaming headsets out there or simply want to use your headphones and not be forced to buy another set of cans. 

There are two solutions. You can either buy a dedicated microphone, boom arm and all the things that come with it or you can turn to ModMic.  

A broadcast-quality wireless mic for any headphones?


ModMic Wireless is an interesting solution for your communication needs. This is a compact wireless microphone which uses Qualcomm aptX low latency technology to send a sound signal to the accompanying dongle with a "near invisible" latency.

In other words, it's faster and more reliable than Bluetooth but also able to deliver superb quality microphone audio. This mic offers a 16-bit/48kHz signal with a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response that results in an impressive sound that's superior to many wired microphones. We also found the quality is superior to a lot of the headset microphones we've tested too. 

Adrian Willings · Modmic Wireless Test

Better still, the ModMic Wireless has two different modes - omni-directional and uni-directional. The former of these has a wider frequency response and delivers a more natural mic sound while the latter helps block out a lot more background noise. Both are still far less compressed than traditional headset microphones. 

Simple attachment

The thing we like about the ModMic Wireless (aside from the capture quality) is the convenience of the design. This kit connects to nearly any headphones you can think of, as long as there's a solid relatively flat surface to stick to. 

ModMic connects to your favourite headphones using an included (strong) magnet. That magnet sticks to your headphones with a 3M sticker and is really easy to put in place. The pack also contains not only two magnets but also multiple stickers. This means you can re-mount it if you need to but you also have the option to use it with more than one pair of headphones. 

We absolutely loved the Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X headphones when we reviewed them, but we were saddened that we couldn't really use them for gaming on PC. These are headphones and so naturally don't come with a microphone as standard, but with ModMic Wireless they can be easily upgraded. 

The advantage of the wireless design means you don't need any extra cables on your already wired headphones. Though if you're not fussed about that you can always opt for ModMic USB instead. Yes, that's a wired version that's more affordable. 

ModMic Wireless can manage over 12 hours of use before it needs charging, but you can also plug it in and charge it while you're using it, so what's not to love there? Push to mute is also an option, though one downside we can see is there is no sidetone, so you can't hear yourself which could be problematic with closed-back cans. 

Upgrading a gaming headset


Another highlight of the flexibility of this setup is you can use it to upgrade a gaming headset too if you prefer. If you've got a headset you absolutely love, but the mic isn't great, then don't despair, just unplug it and put ModMic in its place instead. 

We tried this on the HyperX Cloud Alphas. Surprisingly the wireless ModMic delivered better capture quality than the standard headset mic and considering that's wired directly into the headset (though detachable) and then into the PC, that's quite a win for ModMic. 

In the end, the ModMic Wireless is a fantastic bit of kit that's well worth considering. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.