Parrot today launched the Parrot MK6100, a hands-free car kit with the capability to play MP3 files on your car’s speakers from any Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) device including your mobile phone.

The device, which follows on from the Parrot MK6000 launched less that 6 months ago now includes a removable anti-theft OLED display for viewing phonebook and music file information.

The new MK6100 also features a wireless RF remote control that you can position on your steering wheel or dashboard that gives you easy and safe access to all the kit’s functionalities.

Once paired, your Bluetooth device will connect automatically to the Parrot MK6100 and according to the company when you press play the "digital Class-D 30W amplifier transform your car into a virtual concert hall".

In addition to audio streaming, the new Parrot MK6100 doubles up as a handsfree speaker. The model allows you to take calls via the speaker or to have a conversation in a discrete mode, switch talk towards your Bluetooth headset at the press of a button.

The kit will cost 199 euro. Will are awaiting confirmation on a UK price.

Parrot has also announced the launch of its new upgraded version of its 3200 LS-COLOUR car kit, the 3200 LS-COLOUR PLUS. The upgraded version comes with the latest digital sound processing technology and a removable screen for increased security.