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(Pocket-lint) - Parrot has revealed its new Zik headphones designed by Phillipe Starck, which bring together a massive amount of audio technology in smooth, standout styling.

And when we say packed with cutting edge tech, we mean it. First off, the Zik headphones are touch activated so there are no obtrusive buttons ruining the design, swiping the panel vertically will set the volume, or swiping it horizontally will skip music forward/rewind.

Bluetooth connectivity, noise cancellation and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) are par for the course - the DSP giving a "Parrot Concert Hall" effect, with the music coming in front of you.

The introduction of NFC into the headset is further evidence of the innovation that's gone into the device as, to our knowledge, it's the first time the tech has been used in headphones. Basically all you need to do to connect your NFC-phone is to tap it to one of the ear pieces - that's it. Admittedly the tech isn't ubiquitous on all phones, by any means, but it's a nice touch nonetheless.

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Further innovation comes in the form of a noise cancelling sensor that monitors your jaw's movements making your voice that little bit clearer for the person on the other end of a call, whilst there's also a sensor for pausing your tunes when you remove the headphones from your ears; replacing them and the music springs back to life.

These could really be a big hit, if punters are prepared to take a hit on their wallet, come launch sometime in 2012.

Writing by Ben Crompton. Originally published on 16 April 2013.