(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus is claimed to be working on its own AirPods-competitors; joining the likes of Samsung, Beats, Sony and all other headphone manufacturers on the true wireless bandwagon. 

Specifically, it seems likely that we're going to see wire-free versions of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless at some point in the near future. 

There's very little detail to go with the rumour, but the news comes via Twitter user @Samsung_News_, who has built a solid track record for previous leaks, particular OnePlus and Samsung related information. 

In its recent past, OnePlus has drawn plaudits for the sound and performance of its Bullets Wireless earphones. 

Its current models, however, do have a flexible neckband connecting the left and the right earbuds, with all the electronics and cabling hidden inside. 

With the true wireless models it would see this neckband completely removed. 

Given how fast other manufacturers have moved in this area, it is a tad late in the day for OnePlus to be joining the party. Virtually every company you've ever heard of has a pair of wire-frees now, including the budget friendly brands. 

Where OnePlus might be able to succeed though is using its usual tactic of outperforming the price point. 

If the Bullets True Wireless sound and perform much better than their price tag, it could see the earphones do well, particularly among the company's huge number of loyal fans. 

It's unlikely AirPods users would consider them a good alternative, but they could just provide some healthy competition for the likes of Samsung, Libratone and Cambridge Audio in challenging for the crown of best value for money earbuds. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.