(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus is set to announce True Wireless earphones alongside the forthcoming OnePlus 7. The news came from a Weibo post from OnePlus CEO CEO Pete Lau. 

In the post, he says that under the "general trend" of removing the headphone jack, a wireless headset giving the "ultimate experience will be a product that we can polish for a long time...it can be even more extreme". We're taking that to mean that wireless buds can become smaller and even more cable-free than 2018's OnePlus bullets. 

We've long suspected that OnePlus would try and emulate the success of Apple's AirPods with a new product which may or may not have wireless charging. We're expecting the OnePlus 7 to have wireless charging, possibly reverse charging to charge up the new earphones as we've seen with the Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy Buds

We were big fans of the OnePlus Bullets neckband earphones which offered top sound for a reasonable price point. So we're expecting a True Wireless effort from OnePlus to give us sound and design to be reckoned with. However, whether OnePlus can match the AirPods' £159 price point is a big question - something that other competitors have struggled with. 

Apple is also set to announce AirPods 2 with wireless charging soon, which may also usher in a price reduction for the original AirPods. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.