OnePlus is working on a pair of wireless earbuds, according to a listing on a Bluetooth certification site.

The listing, discovered by Nashville Chatter, reveals a yet-to-be-announced product called the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. Bear in mind OnePlus already offers two pairs of wired earbuds, called Bullets, so it's safe to assume this new product will be a refreshed, wireless version of Bullets. The only thing we're unsure about is whether they'll be fully wireless or have a wire that goes around the neck.

OnePlus has confirmed its next phone will have a headphone jack, so it's interesting that the company is dabbling in wireless headphone tech. But, at the same time, wireless headphones are a trend that doesn't seem to be going away, so maybe OnePlus just wants to capitalise on it. There's no indication when they will launch, though we suspect it'll be alongside the OnePlus 6 this summer.

Other than that, details are slim. No word on major features or pricing, but we'll keep you posted.