(Pocket-lint) - The smart home is growing but, so far, it's been by one product at a time. Motorola wants to change that by offering a complete line of gear instantly drag your home into the future. And it's calling it VerveLife.

The Motorola VerveLife is a range of kit that aims to keep people connected to their homes even when they're out and about. As such it includes a smart home camera, a pet tracker and a selection of earphones.

The VerveCam is a potable Wi-Fi connected video recorder that can capture 2.5K quality footage at 30fps. It's also IP67 waterproof and shoots using a 138-degree lens meaning it can be placed pretty much anywhere and will still get the shot, which you can have live-streamed to your smartphone, anywhere.

Next up is the VerveRetrieve. This is a waterproof GPS enabled tracker that uses cellular data to let you track your pet from anywhere. Be it a cat, dog, guinea pig or pot bellied pig, this gadget will track it wherever it roams. You can even create a virtual fnece and wander alert via the Hubble app for iOS and Android.

Then there are earphones, lots of earphones.


VerveOnes and VerveOnes+ are totally wireless Bluetooth earbuds that also feature microphones for hands-free calling, studio audio music playback and a 12-hour battery life. The plus model is also IP57 waterproof. We doubt the buds last for 12-hours without charging up a few times in that case unit, but we're hoping we're wrong.

VerveRider and VerveRider+ are collar-style in-ear Bluetooth headphones with a 12-hour battery, the plus version also offering IP67 waterproofing.

VerveLoop are also Bluetooth in-earphones but are super lightweight, offer six-hours battery and are IPx4 water resistant, while the VerveLoop+ model offers 12-hours battery and IPx7 waterproofing.

We'll be at MWC to see this kit in the real world where we'll hopefully get more details on pricing and release date.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.