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(Pocket-lint) - Monster, in partnership with Diesel, has announced the Vektr series of headphones and earphones, which claim to offer a "premium-quality listening solution that expertly blends the worlds of fashion and great sound."

Sadly within the press release there wasn't an awful lot of information on exactly what is going to make these cans such a great listening experience, and so we'll just have to rely on Monster to deliver up its usual high standard.

There is, however, an awful lot of spiel on the Diesel design, which consists of comments like: "a trendsetting personal listening solution that dramatically breaks conventional headphone style".

And to an extent this is true, they should indeed make your tunes personal by blocking out the noise of your music to outsiders - the public - as is usuallt the case with headphones.. However they only break headphone style to the extent that they have a distinct diamond-cut pattern on the outside coated in different shades of black and grey. The design remains pretty conventional in that you'll get two comfortable earcups attached to a band that fits around the top of your head.

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There are also in-ear 'phones available which thankfully, for comfort's sake, lack the diamond-cut style in favour of a "jet black appearance with a single bold yellow accent and a prominent Diesel logo".

The Vektr headphones will set you back around $250, whilst the earphones should be on shelves for around $150.

Writing by Ben Crompton.