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(Pocket-lint) - Technology has become more connected and personalised thanks to biometrics. Now a patent filed by Microsoft shows the company is looking into the idea of a headset with fingerprint authentication. 

Does that mean Surface Headphones with biometric login are incoming? Not exactly. The patent, which came to our attention via a Windows Latest post, suggests this is a feature for wired headphones - as the fingerprint scanner isn't position on the headset itself,  rather on the attached controller (where you would typically find the volume controls) - based on the visual figure references within the document.

So why would you want a headset with a fingerprint scanner anyway? It's not to lock the ability to playback audio, per se, it's more to target simplified login with a connected device.

The patent abstract reads: ""Dual-mode" headset that is equipped with a fingerprint authentication apparatus. The headset can be coupled to an electronic device, such as personal computers (PCs) and tablets, and functions as a typical audio accessory to receive sound. In addition, by means of the associated fingerprint authentication apparatus, the headset also facilitates the user to log in his/her own account on that device."

A very useful idea in the world of hot-desking, or for those using a device where biometric login is not available.

So don't expect to see Microsoft Surface Headphones - the originals were great, the follow-up is imminent - with a fingerprint scanner hidden in plain sight on an earcup any time soon. Fun as that idea sounds.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 22 May 2020.