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(Pocket-lint) - Announced at the end of last year, the long-awaited Surface Earbuds are now available to order.

Microsoft originally unveiled the Surface Earbuds - its own take on the Apple AirPods - during an event in October 2019, but they were inexplicably delayed soon after.

They come with touch sensitive interactions, huge battery life, and feature Office 365 integration.

MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Earbuds Now Available image 1

The Earbuds also have Spotify-specific capabilities when paired with an Android phone. You can instantly play tracks on Spotify for Android through a simple gesture on either Earbud.

There are two microphones in each ear for clarity of voice when speaking to virtual assistants or on the phone. And each earpiece contains, what Microsoft calls, Omnisonic sound.

The circular style is designed to balance each bud in your ear more effectively (than AirPods, for example). While, the larger surface area (pun intended) allows for taps and swipes to play music and perform other functions.

Battery life is boosted by the charging case for up to 24 hours of playback time - eight hours on a single charge and two more charges in the case.

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The Earbuds cost £199.99 in the UK, $199.99 in the States and will be available from 12 May.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 2 October 2019.