After Amazon entered the true wireless in-ear headphones market last week, now it's Microsoft's turn.

During its Surface event in New York City, the company unveiled the Microsoft Surface Earbuds - its own take on the Apple AirPods, with touch sensitive interactions and huge battery life.

As it's Microsoft, the buds also feature Office 365 integration. We're yet to find out the entire gamut of supported features, but were told that Office will translate speech as you talk.

The Earbuds will also have Spotify-specific capabilities when paired with an Android phone. And there are two microphones in each ear for clarity of voice when speaking to virtual assistants or on the phone.

The circular style is designed to balance each bud in your ear more effectively (than AirPods, for example). While, the larger surface area (pun intended) allows for taps and swipes to play music and perform other functions.

Battery life is boosted by the charging case and, although we don't have the exact figures at hand quite yet, we are told that the overall charging span is 24-hours - with Earbuds and case combined.

The Microsoft Surface Earbuds will be available later this year, starting at $249. UK pricing and details will be revealed at a later date.