Logitech has released a second-generation of its FreePulse Wireless headphones that are lighter and louder than its predecessors.

The new headphones weigh only 2.1oz/60g, and are half the weight of the first-gen product. They’re also more flexible, being equipped with a high-carbon spring-steel headband that fits behind the neck to stay in place even during exercising.

Bluetooth 2.0 Enhanced Data Rate ensures reliable performance, while a special boost features means that bass is enhanced. Each headphone contains a 30mm neodymium driver for rich, full audio.

The headphones work wireless through an adaptor that is plugged into any player with a 3.5mm headphone jack; they have a range of 33feet or 10m, so the player can be left in a dock, for example, and the headphones will work as you roam around the room.

The FreePulse Wireless headphones will retail for around $100 in the US and Europe in October.