Logitech has launched a range of earphones, with so many pairs available that you're bound to find some to fit your taste or budget.

The Ultimate Ears range are "music genre" inspired and each model has its own unique features.

Starting with the cheapest option, the Ultimate Ears 100 offer 24dBs of noise cancelling and come in five different styles and colours.

Philippe Depallens, Logitech vice president explains:

"Many performing artists we work with enjoy putting personal artwork on their stage in-ear monitors as an additional form of self expression".

"Now, with the Ultimate Ears 100 collection, we’ve created a way for our retail customers to do the same - giving them five killer designs to choose from. Now you can feel a connection to the design of your earphones, as well as the music coming out of them".


Moving on, the top of the range pair are the Ultimate Ears 700 that have 26dBs of noise isolation and use "a custom-tuned dual-armature micro design that separates the high and low frequencies to deliver sound so full and detailed you’ll hear breaths in between lyrics".

Again, indeed.

These buds are compatible with your iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones, and have an on the chord control panel for volume adjustment and so on.

In between the 100 and the 700 pairs, you've got four more options, the Ultimate Ears 200, 300, 400 and 600s. These all work with your phones as well (with the vi options) and include unique features that should cater for what you are after in your buds (the 300s have shape-able ear loops for example).

All Ultimate Ears sets include five pairs of soft ear cushions and a protective case for your buds.

Price wise you're looking at £17.99 for the 100s, £24.99 - £34.99 for the 200s (depending on whether you go for the vi phone control option), £44.99 - £54.99 for the 300s, £74.99 for the 400s, £99.99 for the 600s and £159.99 for the 700s.

All the sets will be hitting the shops in October, except for the Ultimate Ears 100 which should land during September.