Logitech has released a new wireless headset for chatting with your mates while at your computer, letting you to jump up from your desk without the fear of dragging your laptop with you. 

Of course Logitech isn't selling it like that. It is way too cool for that, instead suggesting that the wireless functionality will let you "jam to your favourite tunes and shimmy to the next room without missing a beat".

How far will you be able to jam? Around 40ft says Logitech, thanks to a USB rather than Bluetooth dongle you slap into your computer.

Coming with 6 hours of battery life the H760 features a built-in equalizer that enhances sound for voice, music and movies, whilst the H760 boasts quick-access audio controls that are compatible with Windows Media Player, iTunes and most audio packages, allowing you to adjust volume, pause and navigate your playlist directly from your headset.

It's noise cancelling of course.

Yours for £89.99 or $99.99.