Logitech has announced a pair of earphones designed for kids with delicate ears - the Logitech Loud Enough Noise-Isolating Earphones.

They include a built-in volume limiter that the company claims will reduce the volume of the original source by 16dB - about 30 percent compared to regular earbuds. However, because they come with three different sizes of noise-isolating ear cushions, your kids should be able to still hear all the details of the sound.

They're designed to be rugged too - Logitech reckons that your kids will be able to bash them about quite a bit without the sound going in one ear like regular cheap headphones.

The Logitech Loud Enough earphones come in blue, green and fuchsia colours, and are available now in the States for $40. We haven't got any British pricing or availability info, but as soon as we hear something we'll let you know.