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(Pocket-lint) - If you have one of the latest Apple iPhone models, the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you'll know that the headphone jack has been removed, so you'll need a pair of headphones with a Lightning connector.

The Libratone Q Adapt In-Ear Earphones, then, will suit. They have a Lightning connector built in, so they work perfectly because, well, unlike other headphones, these were built for the iPhone.

One of the advantages of earphones with a Lightning connector is that it allows the earphones to draw power from the iPhone, something not possible in the same way with a regular earphone jack connection.

And that means that the Libratone headphones can use that power for noise cancellation, so you can hear the music better because the system reduces how much of the outside world creeps in. It's an altogether better way of listening.

Because the power for this feature comes from the iPhone, there's no need for a separate battery for the headphones, as rival noise-cancellers usually require, and no need to recharge them, which is the other downside to noise-cancelling cans.

Which means the Q Adapt In-Ear earphones are exceptionally light, just 20g, so you'll barely know they're there.

LibratoneGot an iPhone or iPad Check out the Q Adapt In-Ear headphones by Libratone image 4

Even better, the earphones fit snugly in the ears to isolate the audio further. There are three sizes of earbud to choose from so you can make sure of a perfect fit.

Not only does it work with the latest iPhones but with earlier models as well, like the iPhone 6, which have a Lightning connector. It also works with iPads. Those gadgets have a regular earphone jack as well, of course, but it's the Lightning connector that makes noise-cancelling work.

The Libratone noise-cancelling system, CityMix, is controlled with an iPhone app where you adjust the levels.

Another benefit of the Lightning connection is it means Libratone has been able to work in a dedicated Siri button. It's on the in-line remote, and from here you can ask Siri a question just by pressing the button, even if the iPhone or iPad itself is safely tucked away in your bag. The remote also has buttons to skip tracks, change the volume and so on. Plus, there's a microphone so if a call comes in you don't need to remove the headphones to talk.

LibratoneGot an iPhone or iPad Check out the Q Adapt In-Ear headphones by Libratone image 3

The Libratone Q Adapt In-Ear earphones come with a neat case to store them in, and the braided cable is cleverly designed to resist tangles.

They look great, too, and you can choose between four snazzy colours - Elegant Nude, Cloudy White, Rose Pink or Stormy Black.

The neat features and excellent audio on the Libratone Q Adapt In-Ear earphones make them a great choice. They look great, sound brilliant and offer strong noise-cancelling without a bulky external battery to power them.

They're a perfect match for your iPhone.