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(Pocket-lint) - So you've just started your commute to work - whether that's by bus, train or subway - and you want to listen to music, watch a video or play a video game without disturbing your neighbours.

You'll need headphones, then.

For the best in terms of versatility and freedom, you might like to think about some Bluetooth headphones, which are cable-free.

Like the Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear Headphones.

They sit on your ears comfortably: they are very light at just 7oz (198g) so you won’t feel weighed down on even the longest journey. And because they connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, they’ll work with any Bluetooth-enabled device. So, no worries if you have the latest iPhone with a Lightning connector or the latest Android phone with a USB-C socket.

Even better, because they’re wireless, you can charge your smartphone at the same time as listening to music.

The Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear Headphones are capable of more than just comfort, though. They come with extra features, like noise cancellation, for instance. Which means that not only can you listen without disturbing others, you can hear the audio better because the noise cancellation system compensates for outside noise.

Better sound, and here's a clever extra, means you needn't have the volume turned up as high, which is better for your ears.

LibratoneReasons to buy the Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear headphones for your morning commute image 2

Libratone calls its noise-cancelling system CityMix, because it's especially well-suited to noisier environments, which are often urban settings. The CityMix levels are adjustable, via an iPhone or Android app.

CityMix has four settings so you can find the right level for you. Level 1 is called Pass through, which means you’ll be able to hear the world around you without taking the headphones off, whether that’s your best friend chatting or somebody asking if that seat is free.

By the way, if you do take them off, the headphones automatically pause the music - how cool is that?

Level 2 is Passive ANC (adjustable noise cancellation) which means you can hear the music clearly but still know what’s going on around you with maximum awareness. Level 3 is 50 per cent ANC, where a noisy environment is heavily reduced and finally Level 4. That’s 100 per cent ANC and is truly immersive - you’ll only hear 10 per cent of the outside world. Bliss.

The Q Adapt On-Ears are versatile, too, as they have various EQ modes so you can choose the audio preset you like the most.

There's a microphone built in so if somebody calls you, you can take the call with the headphones in place.

The controls are super-cool: one of the ear cups is touch-sensitive so you just tap to control playback or adjust the volume. You can even use this to activate Libratone's Hush function which temporarily mutes the audio and satisfyingly returns to the previous volume afterwards.

Incidentally, if the battery in your headphones runs out, don’t worry. There’s a supplied cable so you can carry on listening using the headphone jack. Anyway, the headphones have 20 hours' battery life.

The clever features and excellent audio on the Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear earphones make them ideal for the daily commute. In fact, you may find they're so good you don't want the journey to end.