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(Pocket-lint) - The LG Tone Free headphones bring a slightly different twist to your average in-ear headphone offering, by adding a built-in cleaning feature.

Announced at CES 2020 by LG, on the surface the case for the LG HBS-FL7 headphones look like any other, and even on close inspection you won't see anything that stands out. But the moment you put the HBS-FL7 headphones in the case and shut the lid, a UV light comes on and gets to work reducing germs on the tip of the earbud.

According to a spokesperson on the LG stand at CES talking to Pocket-lint, most of the germs on the in-ear headphones should be removed within the first 10 minutes of being in the case.

There are many advantages to having an always clean earpiece, including the ability to share them with others or helping you to combat germs if you drop them, and it will stand the headphones out from the range of headphones on offer from other companies like Bose, Apple, Sony, and others. 

Pocket-lintLG Tone Free HBS-FL7 headphones clean themselves with built-in UV tech image 2

Other features of the LG Tone Free headphones include 6 hours of play time, a further 15 hours of playback if you use the in-build charger, and the ability to get an hour's worth of playback from just 5 minutes in the charging case.

They also come with Google Assistant support, automatic ear detection that senses when they are in your ears to immediately connect with your phone and are both water and sweat resistant (IPX4). They don't however offer active noise cancelling.

The audio experience has been tuned by Meridian.

The headphones come in a small circular charging carry case that should be easy to slip in your pocket, will be released in the US and UK in the first half of 2020, and cost $199.99.


Writing by Stuart Miles.