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(Pocket-lint) - Klipsch has unveiled a new generation of true wireless earphones, taking that same epic sound we loved from the first T5 and improving everything else. There's even a McLaren F1 edition with all the bells and whistles you could wish for. 

Like the first generation T5, the regular T5 II comes with a brushed metal charging case with a flip-open lid that reminds us somewhat of a Zippo lighter. 

While they retain a look that's similar to the first series, these ones are reduced in size by 25 per cent, thanks to using an increased density battery inside and an external antenna system. 

That means, unlike most other wireless earphones (and like mose modern smartphones), the antenna forms part of the external design and surrounds the single press physical button on both earbuds. 

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KlipschKlipsch's new T5 II true wireless earphones come in McLaren F1 flavour photo 4

Klipsch chose a physical button to avoid accidental touches, but designed it in a way that when pressed, doesn't push the earbud further into your ear canal and causing discomfort. 

Each pair comes with six differently sized pairs of ear tips, with an additional "+" size alongside the usual S, M and L options. Plus, they're IP67 rated against water and dust ingress too. 

The two earbuds work independently of each other, so you can take calls on the left or the right earbud, and they can be paired with up to eight different devices (although they can only connect to one device at a time).

There's no active noise cancelling, but the tips are design in a specific oval shape to ensure that passive noise cancelling should be very effective. They also have an audio transparency mode to hear what's going on around you. 

In addition to the T5 II, Klipsch has launched a Sport edition. This features all the same benefits of the regular model, except it comes with its own dedicated, durable plastic case. 

Klipsch/McLarenKlipsch's new T5 II true wireless earphones come in McLaren F1 flavour photo 1

The case is durable, water proof and even has a dedicated system inside to help remove moisture from the earbuds while encased. It's also equipped with Qi wireless charging, so you can plonk the case down on a charging mat and refill it that way. 

You also get three in-ear wings with the sporty model, plus a set of memory foam tips to create an even better seal in the ear. 

The McLaren edition is the same as the regular Sport version in every way except the colour scheme of the case, and the additional McLaren logos on the earbuds. 

In the Euro zone, the regular T5 II will cost €199, the T5 II Sport will be €229 and the Sport McLaren edition will be €279. The McLaren edition also comes with a wireless charging pad, a special brand book and an engraved metal card for collection. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Editing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 8 July 2020.