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(Pocket-lint) - Truly wireless headphones have the advantage of great packaging; this was apparent on some of the earliest models that were launched and remained true when Apple launched AirPods too, which really put truly wireless headphones on the map.

Audio brand Klipsch is joining the true wireless fray and the case for the T5 True Wireless looks like a classic chrome Zippo lighter, which we love. 

Klipsch's big sell with in-ear headphones is not only the premium sound, but the oval eartips that they offer, promising a better seal than rounded rivals.

For the T5 True Wireless you'll get 8 hours of playback from a charge, while Klipsch also says you'll be able to connect to whichever digital assistant you choose. We're guessing that this means you can access Siri or Google Assistant on the connected phone.

Klipschklipsch true wireless image 2

Klipsch is also updating with other T5 models, meaning there are wired models covering a full range of options - for sport or just for those who want something a little more conventional than the True Wireless model.

We don't have the full pricing for all the Klipsch models, but they will be available from Spring 2019 - you can expect to pay $59-199 across the range. The question is - will they come to market before the Apple AirPod 2

Klipsch has also announced a new range of soundbars, including a Dolby Atmos model and connectivity from Google, Alexa and AirPlay 2. All the new models are being unveiled at CES 2019 and will be available though the year, starting Spring 2019.

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