Jabra has announced the Cruiser - a new Bluetooth 2.1 in-car speakerphone system.

The Cruiser is the first speakerphone to use "Dual Microphone" tech, that Jabra claims eliminates background noise and cancels out any echo, so users can call regardless of how busy the roads are.

There's also "Voice Announcements" where the speakerphone will access the address book to speak the name of the caller, or the read the number aloud if it's not a contact.

The voice feature will also guide users through the pairing process and announce battery and connectivity status clearly and concisely which is also shown via the "StatusDisplay", a multi-colour lighting system.

The Jabra Cruiser can also play MP3s stored on a mobile through the speakerphone, and through the car stereo thanks to the built-in FM transmitter with the music auto-fading as a call comes in.

Finally, multiuse connectivity means that two Bluetooth devices can be paired simultaneously while auto pairing offers instant usability.

Battery life is up to 14 hours of talk time and up to 300 hours of standby. The new Crusier will be available this winter for £99.00.