The all-new Jabra SP200 has been announced for the UK. Promising "all the functionality you will need" in one easy-to-use device, the SP200 needs no installation and gets what's said to be a "credit crunch-friendly price point".

The SP200 autopairs to your mobile via Bluetooth 2.0 and attaches to your car's visor, letting you chat hands-free behind the wheel in a legal fashion for up to 10 hours.

The device has one large control button, a volume wheel and an on/off switch. There's DSP technology which reduces background noise and cancels out echoing and it can obviously be used in the house and office too.

Priced at "around" £39.99, and complete with microUSB and car charger, the Jabra SP200 goes on sale from the Carphone Warehouse from 1 April. No joke.