The makers behind the Jabra range of headsets have launched a hub that allows you to pair the headsets with a desk phone, as well as a mobile.

Called the Jabra Bluetooth Hub, the unit is compatible with most standard corded desk phones: analog, digital, PBX and IP.

It also supports something Jabra call MulitPoint connections enabling two simultaneous connections with the headset meaning you could have two mobile phones for conference calling or a desk phone via the Bluetooth Hub and a Bluetooth mobile phone.

Hoping to use the hub to promote its own range of headsets, the unit will come with automatic pairing with the company's JX10.

Jabra is promising a simple set-up procedure so users can be connected to their mobile and desk phone in a matter of minutes, freeing them from the restraints of cords and leads.

Once connected, all call handling is controlled via the headset including answering and ending the call, volume control as well as voice-activated dialing and redialing.

The JX10 with Bluetooth Hub will be available in April with an estimated retail price of £159.99.