One in three UK managers aren’t up to speed with new mobile driving laws leaving 22% of companies liable for prosecution according to a new survey.

According to the survey of 256 people conducted by mobile headset maker Jabra, while 68% of employers are aware of harsher penalties introduced this week for mobile phone use in the car, nearly one in four could be liable for prosecution if their employees use a mobile phone for work-related calls while driving.

Furthermore the research found that 22% of businesses still do not have a policy in place regarding in-car mobile use for company business even though 81% of employers questioned provide all or some of their employees with a mobile phone.

Under Department of Transport guidelines, employers are liable if they require employees to use a hand-held phone while driving or if they fail to forbid employees to use such phones on company business. Yet only 78% of businesses have introduced a mobile phone policy for in-car use, smaller businesses are the worst offenders with only one third of SMEs having a suitable policy in place.

On a more alarming note, 38% of managers said they would not feel responsible if one of their employees had an accident whilst taking a work-related call in the car.

Women were less likely to feel responsible than men, with 47% of women saying they would not feel responsible compared to 36% amongst their male counterparts.