Jabra has brought three of the products it showcased at CES at the beginning of this year to the UK.

Two headsets, the BT5020 and the BT5010, as well as a Bluetooth Hub, the A7010, will all soon be available for purchase.

The BT5020 has a "behind the ear" form factor and is designed to be comfortable to wear all day.

The BH5010, meanwhile, features a sliding boom arm that allows the speaker to sit closer to your mouth. The device has been designed to minimise wind noise and deliver best audio quality.

The BT5020, meanwhile, supports Bluetooth 2.0 and can be connected to both fixed and mobile phones through the A7010 Bluetooth Hub.

The two headsets will costs £49, with the BT5020 being available in March and the BT5010 in April.