(Pocket-lint) - Those of you working from home during the pandemic might be interested in getting a headset to help you focus.

Jabra is hoping to help, by introducing new Evolve2 headsets called the Evolve2 85, Evolve2 65, and Evolve2 40. They're certified to work with Microsoft Teams and come with numerous microphones to help you communicate clearly.

The Evolve2 85 is a wireless headset with "digital hybrid" active noise cancellation technology. It offers up to 37 hours of battery life, 40mm speakers, and 10 microphones (including two in the integrated boom arm for mobile use). The Evolve2 65 is a similar wireless headset, but it has three microphones - two in the boom arm and one in the right ear cup - plus 37 hours of battery life.

These two headsets also come with Jabra Link 380, a Bluetooth adapter available in either USB-C or USB-A. As for the Evolve2 40 model, it's simply a wired version of the Evolve2 65, and it comes with all the same features.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about any of the new models, however, is that the Microsoft Teams variants come with a dedicated Teams button for instant connections to your team and various channels.

Jabra's Evolve2 headsets will launch in April. The two wireless models will be available in black and beige, while the Evolve2 40 will be available in black. The Evolve2 85 starts at £382, while the Evolve2 65 starts at £169, and the Evolve2 starts at £93. It costs £10 more for stereo.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.