(Pocket-lint) - Jabra has unveiled its latest wireless earbuds that are made with sports in mind featuring a built-in heart rate monitor and aerobic capacity measure.

Unlike other devices on the market this heart rate monitor is medical grade meaning it's super accurate. It uses light to detect the pulse in your ear where the skin is very thin, this can also work out your oxygen capacity. This biometric data is then fed wirelessly to your smartphone.

One really nice touch here is the open nature of the device which will work with most training apps meaning you can add heart rate and aerobic capacity into your current training data.

The Jabra Sport Pulse is sweat and storm proof, so it can get wet, just not go in the pool with you. And when used with the Sport Life App it can also offer audio coaching telling you to speed up or slow down to stay within the desired heart rate and oxygen ranges you've chosen to suit your goals.

The headphones also use a pedometer to track step distance meaning they can be used inside on the treadmill and still keep tracking.

Thanks to the oxygen sensor users can take personal fitness tests to see how efficient their training is. They can see their heart rate lower and VO2 max increase as training takes effect. And with touch controls everything can be managed without the need to dig out your phone while training.

The Jabra Sport Pulse is available now for £199.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.