Bluetooth headsets aren't exactly the most exciting pieces of tech, we're sure you'll agree, by for a lot of people they are a necessity.

And if you're one of those peeps, then you may as well go for a headset from a trusted brand. And that's exactly what you'd be getting with the Jabra Wave. Check out our Jabra reviews, you'll see that the Danish company has a pretty decent track record.

The Jabra Wave uses the traditional behind the ear Bluetooth headset design and throws in wind noise reduction, voice guidance and a new microphone concept with Digital Signal Processing.

There's also automatic volume adjustment and acoustic shock protection so you won't get a sonic boom blast whilst you're driving along.

You can connect up to two devices to the Wave at once, and there are LED indicators to display battery and signal strength.

Priced at £59.99, the Jabra Wave has a talk time of up to 6 hours (standby of 8 days), and is available in the UK now.