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(Pocket-lint) - How do you take an average pair of true wireless earbuds and make them more appealing? According to Huawei, the answer is to make them look like lipstick. Really. 

Huawei Freebuds Lipstick is a reimagined version of the Freebuds 3 that's attempting to make them a fashion accessory as much as they're a pair of in-ear buds. 

Freebuds Lipstick ships in a stainless steel charging case that's designed to look like a lipstick. It's predominantly black, but features some gold accents. 

HuaweiHuawei Freebuds Lipstick photo 1

Once the lid is removed, the internals are all gold and the earbuds sit in their cradle, poking out the top. Colour: bright red, obviously. 

The lid snaps shut in place using strong magnets, which also ensures the lid won't come loose when the case is rattling around in your bag, pocket or purse. 

As for the buds themselves, they're pretty advanced and feature many of the capabilities of Freebuds 3. That includes large 14.3mm dynamic drivers. 

These deliver impressive bass performance and frequency response all they way up to 40kHz. What's more, there's an internal mic and processor that adapts EQ and noise cancelling that processes at millisecond speeds. 

HuaweiHuawei Freebuds Lipstick photo 3

That means ANC is constantly working and reacting to the sounds around you, and works despite the buds having an 'open' design. That means, like standard AirPods, they sit in your ear and don't have a silicon tip to form a seal with your ear canal. 

The buds can play music for up to four hours on a full charge, with an additional 22 hours in the case for a total of 26 hours between charges. 

Freebuds Lipstick will be available to purchase for £199 from 10 November.

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Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 22 October 2021.