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(Pocket-lint) - Because there weren't already enough, it looks pretty definitively like HTC will soon be launching a set of AirPods imitators called the HTC U Ear - true wireless earbuds with that distinctive tear-drop shape. 

The headphones, which had already been spotted going through the certification process of Taiwan's NCC, a common enough place for leaks to be spotted, and has now been outed in the same manner by the American FCC. 

Its set of "product appearance" images are just that - photos of the earbuds' design, including their case, and give us a really close-up look at what they're going to look like whenever they're announced. Needless to say, HTC haven't said anything on the matter. 

The earbuds have a design that's heavily reminiscent of Apple's iconic wireless headphones, to say the least - the core difference being that in the case of those being photographed, they're black. Of course, that's not to say that other colours, or a white version, won't be available too. 

That design means that they're likely to carry some of the same issues as AirPods, principally that if the earbuds don't fit too easily into your ears there's not much you can do about it, in the absence of silicone ear tips. This also means the seal is unlikely to be too tight, maing for potentially middling sound isolation. 

FCCHtcs Upcoming Airpods Clone U Ear Passes Fcc Certification In The Us image 2

The accompanying charging case looks a little chunkier than Apple's, and opens on a different axis, too. Magnetic connectors will hold the earbuds in place when they're put inside it. It'll charge by USB-C cable, other images confirm.

With the earbuds having been so comprehensively shown off by these images, more of which can be viewed through the FCC's website linked below, we'd expect HTC to unveil the headphones officially fairly soon, at which point we'll get some more key details like pricing and any other extras. 

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 19 May 2020.