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(Pocket-lint) - Cleer Audio continues its roll into new areas with Goal – a new pair of true wireless sports headphones announced in time for CES 2020. Goal has six hours of battery life for continuous playback and up to 14 hours more with the charging case.

Designed to be super light, the super-light earbuds have a sweat-proof coating and changeable ʺwingsʺ to keep them in place during runs and workouts. They also support Google Assistant.

They’ll cost $129/£129 when launched in the Spring.

Cleer has also announced a new version in the Enduro series – the Enduro ANC. Once again they use Cleer’s patented 40mm ironless driver but this time they boast a huge 60 hours of battery life when active noise-cancelling (ANC) is activated. That’s thanks to the use of Qualcomm’s latest QCC5126 chip which brings power management prowess.

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The ANC can block up to 30 decibels, while the noise-cancelling performance is customisable so you can get the balance to your taste. You can do this in the new Cleer Connect app, where you can also select settings for specific situations – so you can tell it if you’re on a plane, for example.

They’ll cost $200/£200 when launched in April.

Finally on the headphone front for Cleer is a new pair of $129/£129 open-ear headphones – the Cleer Arc – that enable you to stay fully engaged with the environment around you.

Cleer AudioCleer Goal are a pair of true wireless sport headphones with Google Assistant image 2

Interestingly, Cleer decided to steer clear of bone-conducting headphones: ʺWhile we wanted to have an offering for the growing market of consumers seeking an open ear option, we felt strongly that we did not want to go with a bone-conduction option, knowing the lower quality that’s achievable.

"Instead, we worked to perfect our beamforming directional sound technology, keeping a wide frequency range and proper staging for the best possible audio," explains Patrick Huang, CEO of Cleer Audio.

Again, they’ll be available in April.

Writing by Dan Grabham.