Denon is expanding their Hi-Fi quality in-ear headphone range with the launch of the AH-C551 in-ear phones, described as "Metal Pod" design and a more affordable version of the £140 AH-C750s.

Built from machined aluminium, the sound and the construction of the 551s are said by the company to be "well above average".

The in-ear canal design claims to insulate ears from external noise, allowing listeners to concentrate on their music and to listen at safe levels in noisy environments.

This construction and the "advanced" 11mm diaphragm drive units, help the 551s to deliver exceptional clarity, a rich smooth sound with extended top and full-bodied extended bass, is the boast from Denon.

With ear adapters supplied in three sizes, the new earphones are available in silver and black and are supplied with a rigid case and extension cable and will cost £69.99.