Denon has brought their undisputed high standards of sound quality to the personal earphone market. The same engineers who design Denon's top end CD players have worked on the AH-C700, refining them over and over again until they were happy with the sound and the fit.

The "earplug" design of the AH-C700 insulates the ears from outside noise while lots of clever Denon tech-wizardry (ultra-rigid machined aluminium housings that do not resonate, advanced 11mm diaphragm drive units and Denon's "Acoustic Optimiser" to mention just a few) promises your mobile music listening experience be a great one.

The ear canal design means these earphones not only keep noise out, but also keep the music "in" so that you won't be risking iPod-rage on the tube, so they'll make you a more considerate person too.

With no fancy-pants ad campaign, according to the press info, "all the money has gone on; 1. the sound, 2. the construction, 3. the comfort, all of which are superb", Denon will be relying on word of mouth, recommendations and existing customers already awed by Denon's audiophile credentials to make these earphones a success, and we feel sure they will be.

Available in silver and black, the Denon AH-C700 will cost £139.00 and are due in shops this month.