Denon has unleashed its latest earbuds on the world. The Denon AH-C560R and the AH-C260R both offer full remote control over your iPod music, whether on an actual iPod or via the iPod functionality on the iPhone or iPad.

These in-ear buds have one touch control using a three button system. Two of the buttons adjust the volume and the third is your main button which will operate the various media controls. There's also a microphone to control your iPhone 3GS using Apple's Voice Control.

Both sets come with multiple ergonomic ear tips, so you can get the exact fit for your ear. There's also a radical cascade damper to reduce cable vibration noise. Speaking of the cables, they are oxygen free for a crisper sound.

The AH-C506R is the premium model. Extra features include hybrid metal housing to suppress vibration and the ear tips are soft foam for extra comfort.

The AH-C560R will cost £99.99. The AH-C260R will be £44.99. Both are available from July.