Creative Labs has announced two new headphones as apart of its Aurvana headphones range; the Aurvana X-Fi and the Aurvana Live

The Aurvana X-Fi headphones combine Creative's Xtreme Fidelity technologies – never before used in headphones – with Active Noise Cancellation.

According to the company famous for its Zen range of MP3 players, the headphones have the ability to restore details and vibrancy lost in compressed music such as MP3, and X-Fi CMSS-3D.

All these features are individually selectable via switches conveniently located on the earcups allowing you to turn them off it you wish.

The company's new Aurvana Live! headphones have according to Creative been designed to give users looking to experience a "live" performance on their head.

Aurvana Live! headphones tech specs include 40mm Neodymium magnets with composite bio-cellulose diaphragms drivers, and optimally contoured earcups that promise to minimise internal sound distortion and offer accurate playback.

The phones are expected to arrive in the UK in October, however no word on pricing as yet.

We will keep you posted.