The supremely excellent Bower & Wilkins P3 headphones are now available in red along with the blue, white and black options already on offer. So if you're a budding vampire and can't stand seeing blood splatter on your white P3s as you dine, you're in luck.

As with the already released P3 headphones - reviewed here - you still get rugged, lightweight foldable construction with precise sound. Made from aluminium and durable rubber, these are tough but come with a compact hard-shell carry case anyway.

The P3 also comes with two cables for iPhone and other brands. Pick up a pair from October for £170.

And the final thought from our review: "These great-looking, uber comfortable headphones might cost a pretty penny, but they’re more than up to the job where demanding users are concerned. Audio fans can cheer, as can design fans, heck we all can – these are tip-top headphones that are even on a par with the P5s in our opinion."