Bowers and Wilkins has released a super high quality version of the new Peter Gabriel album New Blood. It uses a 24-bit FLAC encode and is available for download exclusively via Bowers and Wilkin's website.

Included with the special edition double disc version of New Blood is a download code for the high quality album. 

Bowers and Wilkins has also got hold of an exclusive in the form of Half Blood, a five track selection from the album and five instrumentals which you cannot get anywhere else. 

You are going to need to sign up for Bowers and Wilkin's Society of Sound service, which will entitle you to the downloads as well as other free, super high quality tracks each month. 

The Society of Sound has become a bit of a Spotify for audiophiles, spurred on by a select few artists who provide uber-high quality recordings for listeners to play back on a set of sweet sounding speakers. Suede's lead singer Brett Anderson released an album via the store prior to general release. 

A 6-month membership to Society of Sound is $39.95, with a full year costing $59.95.

Like your audio high quality? Or are you not bothered? Let us know in the comments below...