Bowers & Wilkins want to get in your ears. Not metaphorically, with the sound from its speakers - but literally with its newly announced C5 earphones.

The C5 features a "Secure Loop" which hold the bud firmly in your lug-hole, without the traditional over the ear design. Instead it curves around the grove in your inner-ear and is flexible and cushioned enough to take on even the most oddly shaped ear and still be comfortable.

In terms of sound the B&W C5 is packing noise-isolating tech, with limited noise-bleed, and packs a Micro Porous Filter - which is designed to act as a diffuser for "pristine, natural audio".

Designed for a "Tungsten Balanced" finish for near the ear, the rest of the C5 is made up of "high-grade" aluminium.

The C5 comes supplied with a remote/microphone for iOS devices as well.

Available in August, the C5 will cost you £149.95.