High-end Hi-Fi manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins has announced its first ever pair of headphones. The snappily-named P5 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphone (singular) offers metal and New Zealand sheep-leather earpads, noise isolation and a microphone for iPhone compatibility.

Bowers & Wilkins reckons that the sound produced by these headphones is "unfatiguing", thanks to ultra-linear neodymium magnets and a highly optimised mylar diaphragm. There's no electronic noise-cancellation, but a closed-back design means that there's a good deal of noise isolation on this device, so you should be able to enjoy your music in relative quiet.

They're Made For iPod licensed, and come with both a regular audio cable and a microphone-equipped iPod-controlling version. Both have gold-plated plugs, and can be swapped over by popping off the magnetically-attached ear pads.

The Bowers & Wilkins P5 will be available from January, no word on how much they'll cost.

UPDATE: They're available from Apple stores until the end of March 2010, when they'll get a wider release. They cost £250.