Bose makes headphones of all types - on-ear, around-ear and in-ear. The company has already converted its on-ears to a mobile version with a mic, and the around-ear headphones also come in an aviation version that also includes a microphone.

No prizes, then, for guessing what Bose is launching next. That's right - a microphoned-up version of its in-ear headphones, the imaginatively titled "Bose Mobile In-Ear Headset". The microphone dangles below your right ear, and also doubles as an answer/hangup button.

It comes with small, medium and large ear tips, and they rest in the outer section of your ear - not shoved deep into the canal like other in-ear phones. As an added bonus, Bose is also revamping its on-ear models to feature the same dinky microphone that the in-ears have.

The Mobile In-Ear Headset costs either £100 or £120 (Bose told us the former, but the press release says the latter) and it'll be available from September.