Bose has added a third model to its range of QuietComfort headphones. The QuietComfort 15s join the QuietComfort 2 and 3 in offering noise cancellation, but Bose reckons this is the "best noise cancelling headphone" that the company offers.

Aethetics-wise, they look almost identical to the QuietComfort2s - the only difference being that the "on" light is now green, where once it was red. However, internally they're a little more complex. There's now microphones both inside and outside of the ear cups, to better cancel incoming sounds.

We're also assured that the proprietary algorithms that work out which sounds to block are more sophisticated, so you'll hear more Slayer in your ears, and less of the drunk businessman leering at the female passengers on the tube.

Lastly, the ear cushions have been redesigned to provide a bit of additional passive attenuation of sound. The materials that the cushions are made of have been selected specially for their noise-blocking capabilities.

The QuietComfort 15s are powered by a single AAA battery, which should give you 35 hours of listening. The power indicator will start flashing when there's less than five hours remaining, and the earcups fold flat for easy packaging.

They'll go on sale in September, and will cost £280.