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(Pocket-lint) - Bose is introducing three new pairs of Frames. They're follow-ups to two sets it released in 2018. Two of them, called Tenor and Soprano, are fashion-focused, while the third, Tempo, is geared toward sporty, outdoor people. You can even get them with your prescription if you want.

So, what are these? They're sunglasses with earphones. Bose has hit onto a niche proposition with the all-in-one Frames. The original pair couldn't deliver headphone-quality audio due to lack of bass, but in our review, we found the audio to be clear enough for podcasts, audiobooks, phone calls, and the odd tune. The new models have "wafer-thin Bose systems", which are discreetly embedded in each arm "without extra parts, visible screws, seams, or perforations,” Bose said in its press release.

The new Tenor and Soprano models reportedly have “the tiniest, thinnest, most invisible Bose speakers ever", with smaller 16mm drivers. They are scratch- and shatter-resistant, will last for around 5.5 hours on a charge, and use proprietary pogo-pin charging connectors. The Tempo uses a standard USB-C port for charging its battery, which can last for eight hours of continuous playback. It also has an IPX4 rating for water and sweat resistance (the other two have IPX2) and 22-millimeter drivers in each arm.

Bose offers several different lenses for the Tempo (they're polycarbonate with various visible light transmissions). But all three pairs of Frames have polarised lenses, which block out 99 percent of UV rays. They also have improved mic systems for voice calls. All this extra hardware equals less than 50 grams of added weight, Bose said.

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Each model costs $249 and is available now.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 11 September 2020.