(Pocket-lint) - Bose has announced a new pair of in-ear headphones, but with a twist. Instead of wearing them during the day to listen to music, you pop them in at night to drown out any annoying noises such as someone snoring, barking dogs or traffic going past your house.

Called the Sleepbuds, the completely wireless in-ear headphones play soothing sounds tuned to mask the noise and help you get to sleep. While you can't customise the sounds that can be played through the Sleepbuds, the companion app has a selection of tunes "designed to be soothing and to fade from your attention while effectively obscuring unwanted disturbances."

And in case you thought you will miss your morning alarm with the Sleepbuds in, you can set one through the app so it plays into your ears, handy if you need to wake up earlier than your partner so you don't disturb them. While Bose hasn't explicitly stated, we imagine the alarm will also be played at a soothing level, rather than high volume that could not only damage your hearing, but give you a complete shock. They also come supplied with a charging case that's good for a single full recharge.


The Bose Sleepbuds are currently seeking funding on Indiegogo where they have already raised nearly $440,000 on an initial $50,000 goal. All of the buying options are sold out, so while you can still pledge to the campaign, it's not clear if you will get a pair in return come launch day, which is estimated to be February 2018.

Writing by Max Langridge.