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(Pocket-lint) - Having leaked already recently, Beats has now officially unveiled its next expected pair of wireless earphones: Beats Studio Buds. 

They share a name and some features with the over-ear Studio 3 Wireless from a few years back. Namely: these are the first Beats in-ears with built-in ANC (Active Noise Cancelling), they're also the smallest Beats true wireless in-ears. 

Unlike the Powerbeats range, the Studio Buds don't have the over-ear hook to hold them in place. Instead, these are designed to fit into your ear, with the tip angled in such a way that it's comfortable and secure. 

The rounded shape of the casing is designed to hug the inside of the ear while a tiny precision-cut outlet ensures that air can move in and out of your ear to reduce any feeling of pressure you might get otherwise. 

BeatsBeats Studio Buds official photo 2

Externally, the round casing curves up to a flat pill-shaped tab that reminds us very much of the Pill speaker range. They're also IPX4 rated against water ingress. 

The feeling we're getting from this launch is that Beats Studio Buds aren't here to give you that sporty pair of in-ears. Instead, it's all about convenience and accessibility, just like the tethered Beats Flex that launched last year. 

This starts with ANC that blocks out external noise (including wind) and is constantly monitoring ambient noise in real-time and adapting to it. Just like other ANC-equipped Beats products. 

To hear your surroundings you can just press the 'b' button on the outside of the buds, while dual-beam forming mics ensure your voice is the focus and that external noises are reduced during phone calls.

Sound is delivered by a pair of 8.2mm drivers which use a custom dual-element diaphragm driver which Beats claim will ensure you get great stereo separation and very little harmonic distortion. Plus, as you'd suspect from a new Beats product, the buds support Apple Music's new Spatial Audio feature

BeatsBeats Studio Buds official photo 3

Perhaps more exciting - at least for Android users - is that they also support the Fast Pair feature. That means pairing and connecting is as easy and convenient as using an iPhone, and you can even use Google's Find My Device to locate them when they're lost. 

Each bud connects independently to your device, so you can use them both together, or use each separately - just like Airpods - while the 8-hour battery ensures you can listen to music out of the case for a good while. 

In total, including the charge offered by the carrying case, you'll get 24 hours of use between trips to the USB cable for charging. 

Beats Studio Buds will go on sale this summer in red, white and black with a price set at a very reasonable $149.99, and £129.99 in the UK. 

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Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 9 June 2021.