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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's Find My app allows users to locate their devices, as well as their friends and set their own location preferences. The release of iOS 14.5 will bring support for Beats PowerBeats Pro headphones in the devices section though.

Despite Beats PowerBeats Pro - and other Beats headphones with the H1 or W1 chip - featuring many of the same convenience features as AirPods, currently users have to contact Apple Support if they lose one of their PowerBeats Pro headphones rather than open the Find My app to locate them, as you can with AirPods.

The iOS 14.5 software update - which is expected to be released soon - will allow users to trigger a sound from the Find My app to locate their PowerBeats Pro however, like AirPods. There are claims the software will also bring support for Beats Flex.

The update is due to bring several other features too, making it the biggest since iOS 14 arrived in September. Apple Watch users will be able to unlock their iPhones when wearing a mask when the update arrives, users will have the ability to select a default music service and new emojis are also coming.

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Apple hasn't detailed when the iOS 14.5 update will be released, but it's currently in developer beta phase, suggesting it shouldn't be too much longer. You can read our separate feature on what else is coming with iOS 14.5 here.


Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published on 3 March 2021.