(Pocket-lint) - Beats by Dre has just taken the wraps off its latest product: the Studio 3 Wireless. In essence, Beats has kept the design of the Studio 2, but completely reinvented everything on the inside. 

For the Studio 3 Wireless, Beats has developed a new kind of noise cancelling called Pure ANC. To describe it in the simplest way possible, instead of playing a single frequency to counterract external noise, it constantly analyses and plays the correct frequency to counteract the specific sounds in your environment. 


Pure ANC also analyses how the earphones fit, adjusting for leaking caused by hair, glasses, different ear shapes and head movement throughout the day. This all happens in real-time and up to 50,000 times per second. It can even detect wind, and is able to cancel out the effects of wind blowing against the ANC mics on the outside of the headphone cups. 

Like the Beats X, Powerbeats 3 Wireless and Solo 3 Wireless, the newest addition to the Studio lineup includes Apple's W1 chip. This means, you'll be able to pair the headphones with your iPhone just by bringing them close to the phone, and tapping "connect" on the pop-up window. 

The W1 chip does have other benefits too. It ensures the battery lasts for a long time. In this case, that's up to 22 hours of playback with ANC on, or up to 40 hours with ANC off. 

As well as that, the W1 chip means that once you've paired it with one of your Apple products, it's paired with all of them, providing you're signed in to iCloud Drive with the same account. 


Studio 3 Wireless also has the Fast Fuel charging, so you can get up to 3 hours of playback with just 10 minutes plugged in via micro USB. 

As you'd expect, there are multi-function controls on the headphones allowing you to skip songs, change the volume and activate Siri, while the microphone will let you make and receive calls. 

With the £299 price point and the addition of active noise cancelling, Beats is planting the new Studio 3 Wireless solidly in Bose QC35 and Sony MDR-1000X territory. There's no mistaking, these are the new Beats flagship headphones, and they're available to buy now in a choice of six colours. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.