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(Pocket-lint) - As part of the Apple iPhone 7 press conference, Apple also introduced a new range of Beats by Dre headphones, all of which include the same W1 chip found inside the new Apple AirPods

Beats not having updated its range of earphones in some time now makes sense, as three new models came along at once this evening.

As well as updating its Solo Wireless and Powerbeats ranges, Beats introduced a new in-ear wireless earphone called the Beats X. 

The Beats X is designed to be fluid, light and flexible, so it's really comfortable and unnoticeable when worn. The cable - dubbed Flex-Form - is designed to be tangle free, and the eartips have built-in magnets so that they can snap together when they're worn around the neck, and not in use. 

As well as those features, the Beats X earphones have something which Apple calls Fast Fuel. In short, they charge via an included Lightning cable which provides enough juice for two hours of playback in just five minutes of charging, or eight hours of playback with 45 minutes of charging. 

Like the rest of the new headphones - the W1 chip means it can connect to an iPhone with a single tap, and won't require the usual frustration of digging through the Bluetooth settings. They coil easily, and come with a neat little carrying case for easy storage. 

beats unveils new beats x solo 3 and powerbeats 3 wireless headphones image 2

The Solo 3 Wireless and Powerbeats 3 Wireless are familiar, and feature technical improvements on their predecessors. 

Beats' new Powerbeats have been redesigned slightly to improve the ergonomics, and provide a better fit. Like the Beats X, they also have the Fast Fuel technology.

Unlike the Beats X though, they charge by micro-USB, and only manage one hour of playback on a five minute charge. They are water and sweat resistant, and can last 12 hours on a full charge, so they're perfect for that long hike or marathon you've been planning. 

As far as Fast Fuel battery efficiency goes, it's the over-ear Solo 3 Wireless earphones that rule the roost. They can supply three hours of playback on a five minute charge using the micro USB cable supplied. 

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Like its predecessors, the Solo 3 wireless come with the 360-degree pivoting ear cups, noise isolation and snug-fitting flexible headband. 

Price-wise, the Beats X come in at a respectable £129 and will be available this Autumn, along with the slightly more expensive Powerbeats 3, which cost £169. Solo 3 Wireless will be available to pre-order tomorrow, 7 September, for £249 and come in gloss black, gloss white, gold, silver, rose gold and black. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.