Beats headphones are extremely well marketed, which is why you see them everywhere. But you don't hear everything there is to know about them.

A recent teardown by Medium has found that 30 per cent of the weight in Solo headphones is actually from four pieces of metal, included solely to add weight.

Apparently this trick to make headphones feel heavier is a common one, according to the site.

Audio products are often better if they're heavier. It's a massive over-simplification but weight can often equate to higher quality sound reproduction. So in this instance the insertion of metal to add weight appears to be purely to make the headphones seem better then they are. At least that's how it looks based on the claim from Medium.

The teardown looked at all the parts of the headphones as well as how they are manufactured, before making an assessment on cost to build. Despite Beats Solo headphones selling for $200 or more, they actually cost around $16.90 in parts, according to Medium.

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