(Pocket-lint) - Beats by Dr Dre has reintroduced its club DJ-centric headphone range in an eye-popping range of new colours. The Beats by Dr Dre Mixr over-ear headset will be available in neon colours from 11 June, priced at £219.95.

Originally designed and created in conjunction with international superstar DJ David Guetta, the Mixr headphones are the lightest in the brand's range. They focus on deep bass representation coupled with high volume, high enough to be heard over tracks played out in a club.

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The rotating ear cups swivel back and forth, the idea behind the movement is that DJs can have one cup on their ear listening to a pre-played track with the other listening to the current one. It's also good, says Beats, for non-DJing users to have convenient conversations without having to interrupt their listening.

The headphones feature a flexible band and are designed to take a battering. They are also easily foldable for travellers.

"These new Mixrs look incredible," said Guetta. "I've been on a non-stop world tour since Mixrs launched, spinning at every show with them; I can honestly say they are the best headphones I've ever used: light, strong and super loud which is what you need as DJ - and when you travel as much as I do. Now the whole crowd will see them glow in the dark too."

If you don't fancy the blue, green, orange, yellow or pink neon versions, the Beats by Dr Dre Mixr headphones are also available in gloss or matte black, white and red variants.

Writing by Rik Henderson.